How to make your CV stand out

Your CV is the most important document that will get you the interview for your ideal job. Be sure to take your time with it and put lots of effort in getting it right. Follow these steps to get your CV noticed.



Accurate e.g. dates, qualifications

Check for errors free

Easy to read

Personal details at the top of page one. E.g. Your name on one line followed by your email address and phone number on the next

Keep your CV to two pages

Use bullet points to make your information easy to read

Contact Details

Have a personal email address available that you regularly check

Make sure your email is professional, such as [firstname].[surname]@[hostemail] instead of something like [email protected]

If you are not planning on accessing your emails for a while, make sure you set up an ‘out of office’ reply, stating when you will be able to respond

Make sure you have a professional message on your voicemail

Return calls promptly

Make a Short Personal Statement

After your contact details, have a personal statement. Keep it to two or three sentences

Emphasize your professional qualities and why you would be a good fit for the role

Work Experience

Detail your job title, dates of employment and the name of the organisation you were employed by

Make a short statement about your role outlining your responsibilities. Make sure you sell yourself.

Put more information in for recent roles and less for older or less relevant positions

Only list your experience over the last ten years, after that list your previous job roles

Be Unique

Make your CV the place where you show why you are the best person for the role

Include all of your key skills and experience

List your qualifications and relevant training, including any that you are currently undertaking

Include any extracurricular work/activities you do

Avoid rambling

Tailor your CV to roles that you are applying for