How to Design a CV that Makes You Stand Out from the Competition

When I was at University studying public health, I visited the careers advice service to make my first CV. It was a straightforward Microsoft Word document posting my experience, education and skills. As the years passed by, I included new employments, added new courses I completed and made a few other changes. The style of my CV remained unchanged for over 10 years, just plain text on a white page.

After browsing some innovative CVs others were sharing on the web, I set out to make something more captivating. What I found was even if you haven’t designed anything before you can easily create an online CV. I’ve tried and tested around 30 different programmes, but here’s the best tool I found that can help you create well designed and formatted CV – Canva. It has an easy to use interface, simple design tools and you can use it for free.

To get started in designing your CV:

a.) Log on to Canva and sign up to an account

b.) Choose the ‘Resume’ design option

c.) Start designing.

Check out Canva’s article here on how to design your CV.

canva CV public health


You may think that in public health it doesn’t matter if you have a plain CV? You may be right, sometimes it won’t matter, but if you can send an employer a well presented, clear CV that makes it easy to read with a well thought out layout you may make the difference between getting an interview or not. This type of CV will show you’ve taken the effort to produce something unique and visually appealing. It will help make your CV more impactful and express your enthusiasm for the job you’re applying to.

I hope you have fun creating your perfect CV and hope it helps you land the public health job you’ve always wanted.