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What is an Environmental Health Professional?

Environmental health professionals help people live, work and enjoy life safely. They aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the public in areas including housing, the environment and food safety.

What responsibilities do environmental health professionals have?

Environmental health professionals oversee and maintain regulatory standards in the five main areas of environmental health. These include:
- Noise and environmental pollution
- Food safety and hygiene
- Workplace (occupational) health
- Housing standards
- Public health
Environmental health professionals usually specialise in one of the five areas, but they can work across multiple fields.

What does the role involve?

Environmental health roles might involve:      
- Working with other health professionals on programmes that improve health and wellbeing
- Protecting the public from environmental hazards
- Investigating neighbourhood noise or nuisance complaints
- Investigating contaminated land
- Inspecting food premises for health issues
- Investigating outbreaks of foodborne illness
-Taking samples
- Giving environmental health advice to individuals and communities
- Assessing risks in the workplace
- Advising employers and employees on occupational health risks
- Providing and giving evidence in court cases involving environmental issues
- Investigating workplace accidents
- Assessing health risks from poor housing

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