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What does a job in public health research involve?

Public health researchers usually work in universities or colleges, either in the UK or abroad. They typically conduct research that addresses specific public health issues and sometimes have responsibilities as a lecturer. Day-to-day, the role is likely to consist of researching a specific public health issues and sharing results from their work to influence policy.

The following are examples of the variety of academic public health roles available:
- Research assistant in public health
- Research fellow in public health

What does a Research Assistant in Public Health do?

As a research assistant, you’ll usually work on one or more research projects as part of a team and report to the principal investigator or research manager. Typical responsibilities include:

- Collecting and analysing relevant data
- Reviewing academic literature
- Helping prepare research reports and papers for publication in academic journals
- Liaising with external bodies to gather information and organise fieldwork
- Accurately documenting all work
- Adhering to policies and processes, including quality assurance

Your research project work may also contribute to your own research towards a higher degree or doctorate, such as a master’s degree, PhD or DPhil.

What does a Research Fellow in Public Health do?

As a research fellow, you’ll usually hold a PhD in a topic related to public health, for example, stroke research, mental health, obesity or health and wellbeing. Some of your main responsibilities typically include:

- Working with the research board and department staff at your institution to develop an on-going research agenda
- Applying for funds for research projects (which may include some or all of your own salary for the period of the project)
- Overseeing how projects are implemented and ensuring that your research project is delivered on time
- Writing research reports and preparing papers for publication in academic journals or presentations at conferences
- Working directly with other research teams
- Undertaking some teaching duties

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