Public Health Coaching

Are you wanting professional support with your leadership development, career planning, or preventing burnout?  

Coaching is an evidence-based form of Continuing Professional Development, bespoke to your own unique situation and objectives. Working with an Independently Accredited Coach in a 1:1 or group setting can transform your professional life.

Independently Accredited Master Practitioner Coach, Dr Fiona Day, is the UK’s leading Executive, Leadership and Career Coach and Coaching Psychologist for doctors and public health professionals. After a 20 year career in public health, Fiona works with medical and public health professionals and leaders across the UK and internationally.

Working with Fiona has helped me to stop, take stock and critically assess my career. The exercises undertaken with Fiona have reinforced my need to work in an environment that align to my values. Looking back over my career, including how I managed through some difficult times, helped me to realise what strengths I have, and what choices I have moving forward.

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Career coaching

FREE Health Career Success CPD Programme

Set yourself up for professional success with 3 free hours of CPD. Take stock of your own career, make plans for the next year, and feel fully confident in choosing an expert professional Coach to support you in your professional life.

Health Career Success
Career coaching

Early or mid-career public health professional?

Get unstuck, gain clarity & direction in your public health career, make wise decisions, & feel optimistic about the future. 13 hours CPD, Group Career Coaching Programme with supported E-learning.

Fiona is regularly commissioned by HEE to provide her sought-after Transition to Public Health Consultant group programme. Contact her for more information on

Upward curve
Career coaching

Public Health Consultant, or Senior Public Health Leader?

Gain confidence and skills as a transformational, engaging leader; improve relationships and communication; find creative solutions for complex challenges; and take care of yourself.


Coaching is an unregulated industry, however there are now robust, independent Coach accreditation processes, similar to formal licensing and revalidation processes. Being Independently Accredited is an essential requirement for anyone who considers themselves to be a professional Coach; independent accreditation is the mark of quality you should ensure as a purchaser of coaching services.

These are the four Accrediting Bodies. Note that Membership of a coaching professional body is NOT the same as independent accreditation.

·       European Mentoring and Coaching Council, EMCC

·       International Coaching Federation, ICF

·       Association for Coaching, AfC

·       Division of Coaching Psychology of the British Psychological Society